Welcome to d'E-licious Cloudz!

We are so proud to introduce our very own new line of E-Juice called d’E-licious Cloudz! It comes in 9 delicious flavors (scroll down to see them all) and 5 nicotine levels, 0, 3, 6, 9 and 12 MG. We’ll be adding more d’E-licious flavors very soon.


d’Elicious Cloudz e-Liquid is a premium e-juice for vaping community. We believe that e-juice should be carefully crafted and have the right balance of quality ingredients to achieve a flavor that people can vape all day.

d’Elicious Cloudz e-Liquid is manufactured by F lab (a certified lab) in Moncton, NB. Working closely with the owner of F Lab to provide a premium e-juice that everyone can enjoy.